Bunion Surgery in 84 year old

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It’s never too late to fix your bunion.  Too often patients will present with a severe bunion deformity asking for possible options to reduce the pain so they can be more functional and do the activities they would like to do, but will not consider surgery.  Sometimes they think they are simply “just too old“.  This is not true.

If the patient a is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia and has no serious medical conditions that would put them at risk, then even patients who are in their 80s can have corrective surgery to fix their bunion.

Here are two examples of patients who were in their 80’s and had undergone what is known as a Keller procedure to fix their deformity.

The surgery is out-patient and takes roughly 45 in a hospital or surgery center and the patient can bear weight in the foot in a walking boot the same day.  The foot is kept in bandages which are changed weekly for 3 weeks.  During this period the patient will keep a surgical shoe or walking boot on. By 4-6 weeks an athletic or casual shoe Can be worn.

So how do you know if you need to fix your bunion? If it’s preventing you from doing the things in life you want to do and enjoy doing, then it’s certainly an option.

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