Leg and foot wounds can be difficult wounds to heal. 

If you’ve ever known someone to have a leg ulcer that took months to heal, then you’ll appreciate how long and complex leg and foot wounds can be.  There are many health variables which play a role in why  some of these wounds take longer to heal which is specialized wound centers exist to care for these wounds. Our practice works at three wound centers in Ohio where we see unimaginable wounds of all complexities and we have an large array of resources to treat these wounds. Hyberic oxygen chambers exist to improve oxygenation of blood in patients who have bone infection or poor blood supply. Sometimes we implant skin grafts or new bioengineered tissue substitutes to close a wound quicker than it would take to heal naturally.

Below are some examples of wounds we treat as foot and ankle specialists. Our scope of practice encompasses the full leg to the level of knee which allows us to have a unique niche in caring for these wide variety of wounds.

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