The contracted or “curled” toe. Can I get rid of it?


It is very common to be born with or acquire a contracted or curled toe.  I see these routinely in the office and they’re really easy to fix as long as they’re still “flexible” in nature.  In other words, don’t wait until the deformity is so far advanced that the toes are “rigid” and no longer able to bend or straighten.


curled toe

The 4th toe is curled in comparison to the other toes. This worsens upon standing and walking and creates a callus under the toe.


Three days post in office surgery to reduce the contracted toe.

The procedure is really simple and is performed in the office through one very small incision on the bottom of the toe that only require one stitch.  The toe is bandaged for three days and a surgical shoe must be worn.  After three days, the suture is removed and you’re back to normal activity.


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